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Who should or shouldn't take methadone?

Have you ever wondered who should take Methadone or who shouldn't be taking methadone?

There are many people who are not aware that methadone is not for everyone and some of these people may find that methadone is not for them. It makes no sense for someone who is not addicted to heavy narcotics to start on methadone treatment, as methadone is probably much stronger than the drugs they may be taking.Methadone is a very powerful drug and should not be taken lightly. It isn't a drug to get high from nor is it a drug to be used as a crutch between getting your next high. Yes there are side effects from methadone, but they are much more manageable than the withdrawals or than the addiction you have had. 
So you may askwho is it for then? 
  • Methadone is for people that have a serious heroin, fentanyl, morphine or opiate addiction.
  • Methadone is for people that have life threatening diseases from their addictions.
  • Methadone is for people who have tried many times to detox and have been unable to stay drug free.
  • Methadone is also for people with chronic pain say from cancer, etc.
  • Methadone is for people that must get clean NOW, for some reason such as getting their kids back.
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The people who shouldn't be taking methadone are:
  • People who have not been addicted to heavy amounts of narcotics (such as heroin, fentanyl, morphine and other opiates)
  • People who have not been addicted for any length of time
  • People who are addicted to tylenol 1& 2's or similar type drugs
  • People who have not tried to withdrawal through other detox options
  • People who are addicted to cocaine and amphetamine type drugs
Always look into other methods of detox before you make a decision regarding methadone treatment. If you have tried and failed at these other methods, than methadone may be your last option.
Methadone allows you to focus on getting your life back now, so that you can obtain employment, get your children back, obtain housing, go back to school, etc. There are no fears of withdrawal and you take it once per day, as you would any other medication. You no longer have to run around for drugs, steal or worry about your next high. Methadone makes living with addiction much more bearable and allows you to slowly detox at your own rate while repairing your life. If you have any further questions about methadone treatment, please visit
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  1. Chix & Stixx,
    Thanks for this information. I have friends who fall on either side of the methadone debate. One has been clean for 10 years after using methadone the other clean for 7 after detoxing without it. The point is that Both are sober today:)
    I think you are correct in stating that is right for some people but not for others. It's a personal choice. I am glad you can be here for people needing support.
    Love, Pearl<3

  2. Unfortunately many of the the methadone clinics in the United States don't follow this criteria. The many clinics that are "for profit" will take almost anyone to increase their revenue. It doesn't quite make sense to put a person with a vicodin addiction on methadone instead of suboxone, simply because methadone is cheaper and it's all the person can afford!

  3. Hey Matt! Thanks for commenting! You are right though about the united states, i wasn't taking that into consideration when I wrote my post and maybe I should have! There are many sleazy doctors out there that just want to make a buck and don't truly care about helping a person out! and no it doesn't make sense to put anyone on it that doesn't have a severe addiction to heavy duty narcotics.Thank you for commenting Matt and thanks again for the link in your great post! It's appreciated!


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