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International Overdose Awareness Day!

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August 31st, 2014 is International overdose day This day is all about educating people on overdose and how it can be prevented. It originated in Melbourne, Australia in 2001 and is now globally recognized. In 2013, International Overdose Awareness Day events ranged from remembrance ceremonies to community training on naloxone administration. 
Overdoses happen and you must be armed with education regarding them. Stixx has saved quite a few people during his time because he was educated and he knew the signs and he knew how to react quickly to save their life. He has also been on the other side himself and has overdosed a number of times, as well as myself. Too many good people have died from overdose and many times these could of been prevented. Harm reduction does work and spreading awareness could saves many lives.
Signs and symptoms vary from drug to drug but most are the same, we will tell you about what to watch for if someone is overdosing on methadone.
Many people are reluctant to call an ambulance due to police involvement, this is a huge reason worlwide why many will not call and many overdoses could of been prevented if the fear of being arrested wasn't present. With education, policy changes and promotion of such life saving items such as, naloxone, Etc. we can hopefully save more lives.

For many educational and interesting articles from harm reduction advocate, K. Lanktree, we suggest reading, she has many great views and is also a methadone patient who knows her stuff.

We would like to share with you how to spot the signs of methadone overdose and how you can react to save lives.
Methadone overdose can occur if someone accidentitly or intentionly takes more methadone than prescribed by their doctor, or taken by someone who is not prescribed methadone. Methadone is slow acting and does not provide the user with a euphoric high, because of this lack of euphoria, a person may take more and more of it in an attempt to acheive the rush, which will lead to overdose. Often times than not, methadone is taken in combination with other drugs such as narcotics, benzodiazepines, alcohol, etc. Methadone should never be mixed with the previous mentioned, as it is fatal.

The Signs of methadone overdose include:
  • Blue lips/fingernails (Not receiving enough oxygenated blood)
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Weak pulse
  • Newspaper colored face(Greyish) or very pale
  • Extreme sedation
  • Confusion/staggering/not stable on feet
  • Slurred speech
  • Shallow breathing(respiratory depression)
  • He/she wants to go to go lay down/sleep (Fatigue)
  • mucus coming out of nose and mouth
  • muscle twitches
  • weakness
  • Nausea
  • They will most likely feel very hot
How you can quickly respond to a person overdosing:
  • Call 911
  • You can call a poison control center near you, always have these important numbers on hand in your phone.
  • A cold facecloth and cold water to splash in face
  • Keep person talking/keep them aware and awake even if you have to yell
  • If possible, keep them moving using their own strength providing they haven't hurt themselves, ie fall/broken bones/car accident,etc.
  • If they aren’t breathing or their breathing is slow, roll them on their back, tilt their head back, remove anything they may have in their mouth, take a deep breath and blow into their mouth, 2 breaths at first and then 1 breath every 4 seconds until the paramedics get there.
  • Naloxone can be administered (If you have it, which you should) it can be given in the muscle. (Arm, thigh or butt)( Intramuscular)
  • It is best not to leave someone alone, but if you have to leave, leave them on their left side with their left arm and left leg out straight and right arm and leg bent, this will keep them on their side.(Recovery position)
  • Do not let them try to vomit, unless told otherwise by poison control or 911

Since Methadone can affect an overdose patient’s breathing, there is a risk of brain damage to a person who is experiencing depressed respiration. Even a suspected case requires immediate medical attention to minimize the likelihood of this outcome.
You and your friends should always learn about overdose and make a plan, it could save each others lives. 
If you have lost friends or family members to overdose, you can visit to post a tribute to them.

The National Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222)- All of United States
Ontario Poison Control Center (1-800-268-9017) -Ontario Only
For all provincial contact numbers in Canada visit

 Too many great lives lost to overdose in the last 2 years
                      -R.I.P -
Sharon    31 years old
Bruce      48 years old
Pat          54 years old
Kelly        49 Years old
Dwayne   37 Years old
Phillip      38 years old
Tanya      32 years old
BoBo        53 year sold
Debbie     56 years old
Jimi         49 years old
Edgy        52 years old
Josh        24 years old
Bugsy      52 years old
Angie      43 years old

Your Friends in the maze,


  1. Thanks so much for writing on this very painful topic. I have shared with you before about losing my uncle to heroin when he was just 29 years young. Heroin took his life and destroyed those of his family members. It was 19 years ago and my grandmother has never been the same. You are doing such a great service. Please keep it up:)

    1. Hey Pearl! Yes it is very sad to have lost a loved one, especially when their addiction took their life! It does destroy other family members as well.I'm sorry you experienced this! You can definetly help educate people on the effects of addictions! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great post full of information on such an important subject! Overdose is preventable, and doesn't have to end in death. With the proper training, policies and education, lives can be saved.

    Thanks so much for the shoutout and kind words! It means so much <3

    1. Thanks Kelly its much appreciated! You are right, overdose is preventable and people should be educated so they can save lives! I`m happy you are getting word out too on your blog! You are welcome for the shout-out, you are worth it!Love the work you do!!

  3. I'm thankful I've never overdose specially doing the amount I was doing. One of my friends ended up overdosing on a 5 day binge with me. I felt so responsible but thankfully he did not die. O called the paramedics right away when he started foaming at the mouth. I was scared of the cops yes but they were nice they were just happy I called for help. More cops need to be like that. Sadly today one of my homeless regulars at work for water was found dead sleeping on the sidewalk with a bottle of booze beside him. Its really sad he had been there for a while ppl just walking by and not noticing he was dead. Great post I need to share this everywhere and raise some awareness. Thanks for posting this, it really does need to be talked about. <3 take care

    1. Thats good you didn't!! Not something you want to have happen! Very lucky, i'm glad you didn't! Thankfully your friend was alright and you got some help right away and the cops were nice. You're right more should be and with the awareness going around there will be a change! Thats terrible about the man that died, i can't handle people being rude to the homeless and looking down on them! I always help out and am never ashamed to bring them into a nearby restaurant and buy them something and just chat! I'm happy you do the same! people should have more compassion! Thanks for wanting to share! and thanks for commenting it is appreciated much!


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