Thursday, April 17, 2014

Changing Directions!

Changing Directions for Recovery!
You know when you must change directions on the path when you have come to a place in your life when you no longer feel you should be there, then that is the time to change things up. You must take a good long hard look at where you have been, where you thought you were going and where it is you now want to be.
The people who love and support you, will do just that, support you! Those who are afraid of their own truths and can’t find a way out of there nothingness will be the ones who try to push on you what they are doing and what they want you to be doing rather than support any choice you make regarding YOUR life.
Many of us approach the way we want to change things in some completely wrong ways and we may hurt people in doing so, because we didn’t know any other way of getting out, but that is for you to live with and learn from and not for others to point their fingers at you for it.
These people need to have fingers pointed right back at them.Then again they may like the drama that goes with you pointing out their shit, because it is something to do now for them and they thrive on it. So just try to forget those people, they are not beneficial to your life in any way.
If you have people in your life that constantly want a pity party about what is going on in there lives, you are best off distancing yourself from these people because they will only drain you of energy and time that could be spent on bettering yourself. 
These are the people who complain about everything in their lives, they take no responsibility for where they have ended up and are not willing to have it any other way, even if you take their hand and show them how to change things around for themselves, they like the pity and drama that goes along with being right where they are so why would they give that up right?
 It is a waste of time my friend, it really is. Just another wall to hit your head against and it will give you nothing but  pain.
The people who are happy being washed up in their substance forever more are the same way, they will never change the way they live even if they don’t want to be there. They will continually want things from you but will never help you out when you need it, it’s always about them period. Move on because these people will suck the life out of you. 
If you are ready and willing to change, then these are the people to avoid at all costs. If they are family members it may be a little harder to do, but for your own mental health you must distance yourself, you have to.
NEVER let anyone beat you up for the mistakes you have made, these are what brought you to where you are right now and the scars you have prove this to be true. You can not control what people say or do, but you can control what and who gets in.
Change is very hard, it isn't easy, this is due to fear. We all have it and it will bite you in the ass more than once or twice, but if you want something so badly you will be willing to fight your way to get it. You will slip and fall and you will get hurt at times, you may even hurt others, but this is a natural part of trying to overcome a fear so strong. Some never conquer this fear, so if you are in the midst of change right now, good for you, as it has been known to take down the strongest of people! 
Keep your head held high no matter what and remember to try and focus on what you have done that is good not the negative stuff your mind will try to throw at you or what people may say to hold you back from where you want to be going!
 Remember that recovery is like a maze and you never know what will be around the next corner, so be prepared and if you slip, it is okay, as long as you don't ever give up you will make it to the end! 
Your friends through the Maze!
Chix 'n' Stixx

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is Methadone Bad?

Many people label methadone as bad and I disagree with that. I also disagree with the people that state addicts are just trading one addiction for another.
 Methadone helps by giving the addict a chance to live now, a chance at focusing on turning their lives around and a chance at dealing with the deeper issues that many have.

Personally, I am grateful for methadone and what it has done for me. I couldn’t just pick up and leave for detox, as I live in a town where there is no detox facility, I also have a full time job and am unable to leave and sustain myself without it. So methadone was the obvious choice for me and knowing that I was serious about recovery, I knew that I could make it work. 
Now I wake up and drink my dose as part of my regular routine, just like taking medication for Asthma or any other disease. I do not get high from my dose and I do not seek out any other drug to get me high either. I have tried detoxing myself and this did not work, I always started up again.

Methadone is a tool that must be used with seriousness and with respect. If you find it is not for you, then there are plenty of other options that can be explored. Recovery is not something that should be taken lightly and all options should be researched before you start on any type of program. Once on a program, you must be serious about getting and staying clean. Relapses will always happen and it does not mean you are a terrible person at all (I know because I have relapsed many times and I am not a terrible person)

The hardest part will be changing the environment in which you are accustomed. You may have only known this way of life and spent most of your time with drug using friends. You can’t expect to stay clean when you are continually around people who are using drugs in front of you.

Change is the hardest part for anyone, whether they have addictions or not. If most people were to stop and think of a vice that they have, no matter what it may be, they would then know how hard it is to just walk away and not think of that particular thing or slip and have that second piece of cheesecake or buy that next lottery ticket.  
Change usually invokes fear in people and that is why they avoid changing at all costs. It’s not because they are bad people or they don’t want to change the road they are on, it’s just that fear can be crippling sometimes. It is terribly hard to leave a comfort zone, even if that comfort zone is not the most comfortable place to be.
Starting anything new in life is scary and sometimes it takes a little while to make the jump into the unknown.
Nobody should be judged and nobody should point fingers at how differently someone approaches their recovery. Methadone helps ease the fear about withdrawal and helps ease the fear about starting on a new path. It gives hope to people who think all hope was gone.

No Methadone is not bad and it does not mean that anyone on methadone is still in active addiction either, despite what many people say about it! Again it is fear on those people’s part as well, fear of what a methadone clinic will bring into their neighborhood and fear of addicts because they don’t understand.
Methadone gets blamed for many things, such as doctors just making money from it, well I have got news for people saying this; think of the pharmaceutical companies and any other company in the world, they are all making top dollar from what they do, so why is methadone any different. If there was not methadone then there would be something else to take it’s place and it would probably be far worse than what people consider methadone to be.

Not all people are going to like methadone as their recovery tool, not all people will have a good experience with methadone either, it’s just like anything in life. There is plenty of research available regarding methadone to make a decision whether or not this drug is for you. Be sure to check out the following links to get you started:

I may not change any minds on methadone but at least I can share my opinion. If you wish to share your opinion on methadone or just want to share your story, then please feel free to leave a comment! There are no judgements made here!