All About Us!

All About Us!

Who we are & Who we are not

Who we are:
  • We are an average couple on methadone
  • We met at the methadone clinic and could relate to each other, as our lives aligned perfectly
  • We have made many mistakes, as others do, but take responsibility for them
  • We are addicts just trying to stay clean in an addicted to everything world
  • We are trying to help others with what we have learned on the way
  • We are people that still get lost every now and again
  • We are just taking it one day at a time in recovery
  • We are here to share, listen and help
  • We are pisces!, 'nuff said

Facts about Stixx:
  • Stixx is 48 and he is on 135mg down from 225mg
  • He is a father to a 23 year old daughter and a 19 year old son.Also, a Stepdad to my 11 year old daughter(Who he is teaching drums to)!
  • He is a drummer, in and out of bands all his life
  • He was an IV user of whichever drug he could get, his favorite being morphine
  • He is a certified pastry chef
  • He took a pharmacy technician course
  • He knows a lot about the medical field and was even referred to as "The Doctor" while in jail during his last bit over twelve years ago and people still come to see him for advice
  • He became addicted in 1985 after receiving pain meds for a car accident, which were followed by four more and a motorcycle accident, it became a daily part of his life in 1994
  • He is now a blogger
  • He was smart enough to give up the booze while becoming a heavier pill user, otherwise he would be dead. He has been drink free 14 years!
  • He has now been narcotic free for 846 days (2 years 4 months)!!
  • He has anxiety that became a nerosis, but has it under control

Facts about Chix:
  • Chixx is 36 and is on 104 mg down from 175 mg 
  • She is a mother of a beautiful 11 year old daughter
  • Sinner, saint and everything in between
  • She is a full time admin assistant
  • She is a baker (Not certified though)
  • She is now a blogger
  • She is crafty and likes to make jewelry
  • She was a user of oxycontin, percs, morphine, tylenol 3&4,and any pill really, whatever there was more of at the time!
  • She started smoking weed at 12, pills, booze,coke and pills at 14. Stopped drinking and smoking weed at 19, but never gave up the warm fuzzy feeling of pills or coke, still drank from time to time and have not touched a drink in over 6 years.
  • She has had social anxiety disorder most of her life, and has been experiencing bad anxiety lately
  • She is a functioning addict
  • She has been narcotic free for 4 years
  • She has been on methadone for 5 years

Who we are not:
  • We are not professionals, doctors or councellors
  • We are not smarter than average people
  • We are not critical, judgemental people
  • We are not perfect! Far, far from it!
  • We are not here to bullshit you

Why "The Methadone Maze"?
  • Because methadone treatment can be like getting lost in a maze
  • Because you run into many dead ends just when you thought you were on the right path
  • Because it can be a never ending spiral before you find your way out
  • Because there are many passages you must take before you find the right route
  • Because, the definition of a maze is: A system of paths that is difficult to navigate and through which one has to find a way!
  • Also, a set of closely connected but complicated rules, issues, ideas, etc. Just like methadone maintenance treatment.
  • Because there is so much stigma surrounding methadone and we wish to help put a stop to it!
  • Because we want to share with other like minded people.
Your Friends in the maze,


  1. Very happy for you two that you are able to do this together. I wish you nothing but the best.

  2. Thank you so much, we truly appreciate it!


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