Saturday, September 13, 2014

Methadose: Why Risk Our Sobriety?

We would like to share with you all a guest post written by ChelsieCharmed. Her amazing blog can be found at can also be found on Twitter, Google+ and Ebay, where she sells beautifully handcrafted "Healing Trees".We hope you enjoy her post!

Methadose Switchover: Why?
Written by: ChelsieCharmed

The BIG Pharmaceutical companies want to save money and their willing to jeopardize a lot of people’s sobriety to do it. 
I've recently found out that people on the methadone maintenance program, like myself, will be switched over to this new form of Methadone called Methadose. A medication that hasn't nearly been tested enough as to how effective it is and its side effects, especially compared to the original methadone, is now being given to methadone patients instead of the original version for the sake of having pharmaceutical companies save money. Oh and they haven't even taken the time to inform most of us of this change, or ask us our preference. Fair? I think not!

One of the problems with Methadose is that it doesn't seem to be lasting its full 24 hours and the numbers of relapses since the switch is astounding. Why change something that was working perfectly fine. Well Greed of course, why else not ask us which one we would rather. Being pregnant, I'm wondering, and really worried, about how well this new methadone has been tested as being safe for pregnant women. I think this is beyond crazy and unjust. Just because were recovering addicts doesn't mean we don't have rights. Even though this is probably not against the law, it definitely should be! 

Since getting switched over I went up on my methadone because it wasn't lasting and that's something I didn't want to do because I do want to start tapering off after my pregnancy and this is just going to make it more difficult for me. The worst part is that even though I went up this week I feel even worst then before. My back, legs, neck etc. is so sore it takes me forever to fall asleep at night. I don't even feel 100% right after taking my dose when it’s supposed to be the most effective. I know some of this pain is caused by being almost 8 months pregnant but I wasn't nearly this sore before they switched me.

I want my voice and opinion to mean something. I don't think it’s fair at all and I feel like because I'm a recovering addict which is part of stigmatized group my opinion doesn't matter.
I've heard many methadone patients aren't even being believed by their doctor when they tell them the methadone isn't working properly. I really want something to be done about this and I'm hoping by writing this article I'll bring a little bit more attention to the problem Methadose is causing. If there was some kind of petition I would definitely sign it and share it everywhere I could.

Yours truly, Charmed

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I hate that you have to go thorough this.

    A petition is a great idea. Maybe on or similar. Also, if a petition to the WH gets a certain number of sig the WH has to respond. This being RecoveryMonth and the new "Drug Czar" being in recovery himself this seems like the perfect time to do it. Let me know if I can help.

  3. Thank you Chris for commenting! B.C is currently in talks with Minister of Health and other officials to identify the reason as to why this is happening! Once determined changes will be implemented there and Ontario will have the studies as well to prove this treatment is ineffective for most. Methadone is still available for pain patients, but not for those with addictions! Thank you for commenting on Chelsie's post! Hope you have a great day! Thank you for your offer in helping, it is greatly appreciated! I will look into the, as i sign many petitions over there! All the best Chris! Chixx & Stixx


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