Wednesday, September 10, 2014

World Suicide Prevention Day!

September 10th

Suicide affects many people, whether you have been affected yourself or have had a close family member or friend affected it is of great importance to speak of it to others. Awareness must be spread and people need to recognize the signs long before someone feels so hopeless and full of pain, they feel it's their only way to end it all.

Phychological trauma is generally a major contributor, as well as poverty. Trauma leads to suicidal thoughts more times than not.There are many reasons that cause people to consider suicide, not all are very obvious to the average person. Never assume that just because it seems like someone has a great life, means that they are alright inside emotionally.They may not be.
See the many causes of suicide at:

I have experienced suicidal thoughts myself and have had two members of my family commit suicide, I know all too well the feelings that lead up to feeling this way. Severe hopelessness, you feel as though nobody gives a shit.
I was raised in severe poverty and was sexually, emotionally and physically abused My parents were addicts/alcoholics and my step father still is to this day. My mother is a narcissist and I have recently cut all ties with both her and my step father.
Since we were raised in such conditions we were continually the targets of bullying at school, this combined with the abuse at home made it even more hopeless. I started using drugs and alcohol to ease the pain, I even began cutting myself at age 9 for some relief. Many times I would think about pushing the knife deeper and deeper just to end it all. Being a super sensitive introverted child didn't make matters any better for my mental health.
When I was 5 living in an apartment complex, we witnessed a man jump to his death from his balcony, many times at night I would lay there in bed thinking about how it would be so much easier just to end the constant pain inside that endlessly ate at my soul. I'd pray for it too end and I even started believing that God too was against me.
If there was good in this world I would never get too experience it! I saw some friends who had good lives and wondered why I didn't get that chance. I even thought if I was a better kid or tried to be perfect that the abuse would end and my parents would love me, but it never did happen. I felt like why bother living, if living a week like this felt like a lifetime, imagine what a lifetime would feel like, right!
It was constant, 24 hours a day abuse. Eventually all hope is gone, you don't know how to feel, you are convinced that for the rest of your life people will harm you, you believe in nothing because there is nothing.

My Real father is still to this day mentally unable to handle life and the stress, he witnessed my uncle commit suicide with a shotgun, this combined with my narcissistic mother made him unwell.I finally got to meet him at the age of 23 after I tracked him down. He still drinks to handle the pain he went through.

My cousin Liz grew up just as I did and had attempted suicide many times, after she had her two children she was unable to cope and took her life with pills. I still think of her and all the times we've cried on each others shoulders, we felt the same hopeless pain.
Suicide needs to be openly talked about and not hidden! The stigma that still exists concerning mental illness is the biggest reason why many people who need help do not ever seek it.This has to end!
If you or anyone that you know needs help, get help now.

To help a suicidal person:

Always take talk of suicide seriously.  Assuming that the person is only seeking attention is a very serious, and potentially disastrous, error. Get help immediately

Don't be judgmental. Do not invalidate anything that the person says or feels. The person is probably suffering from a chemical imbalance in the brain, and thus could not possibly think clearly. Be supportive and caring, not judgmental, but get help immediately.

Be careful of the statements that you make. You do not want to make the person feel any worse than he or she already does. Again, the person is probably suffering from a chemical imbalance in the brain and is thus extremely sensitive.

Listen, listen, listen. Be gentle, kind, and understanding. Again, allow the person to talk as much as he or she wants. Always listen very attentively, and encourage him or her to talk more. Be as gentle, kind, and understanding as possible.

For all the ways in which you can help a suicidal person, please visit!

Suicide Facts:

**75 percent of those who die by suicide do exhibit some suicide warning signs, so we need to be aware of what the suicide warning signs are

**Talking about suicide does not cause someone to experience thoughts of suicide or increase the risk.

**Four out of five people who die by suicide have made at least one previous attempt

**Suicide occurs across all age, economic, social and ethnic boundaries

If you have experienced suicide in your life, please feel free to share your story with us below. Remember there are never any judgements made here!

Your Friends in the maze,

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  1. Great post sorry took so long to comment, been really tired lately and school stuff going on. I haven't been spending nearly as much time as I would like reading blogs and working on mine. I'm so glad you wrote about this. Its soooo very important that people are aware that this could happen to anyone and to be very understanding and non judgmental to ppl cuz they never know what the other person might be going through. My mom tried to take her life and I saw her overdosing on pills. I've also had thoughts of taking my own life when I was deep in addiction and felt all alone. One night I cut myself pretty deep and still have the scar on my wrist till this day. Thankfully it wasn't enough to harm me but I was hoping it would. By supporting each other instead of judging we will make great strides in preventing suicide. Much love guys. Love this post <3 take care

    1. Thats okay! Thanks for sharing your comment! It is very important that people know about this and the feelings that lead up to these types of thoughts! very important indeed! Its best not to be judgemental, as you never know how ppl are truly feeling and your kindness could be just what they need to fight on! I'm sorry you had to experience your mom going through this and that you had to experience your own thoughts! We need to support one another 100% if we will ever end this! Thanks girl! Love ya too xo


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